Shelter from the Storm

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Preparedness Education for Vulnerable Populations

People experiencing homelessness or potentially facing housing insecurity are among those whom first responders are especially concerned about when severe weather occurs.

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Educational Materials

Extreme Cold

City street winter storm

Cold Kills!

The ProblemKnow the Signs

  • Shivering

  • Mild confusion

  • Cold to the touch

  • Slurred speech

The SolutionTake Action

  • Seek shelter/get out of the cold

  • Seek warmth

  • Wear layers of warm, dry clothing

  • Drink fluids and eat food

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Extreme Heat

Man outside sweating

Heat Kills!

The ProblemKnow the Signs

  • Headache

  • Profuse sweating

  • Dizziness/confusion

  • Weakness/drowsiness

The Solution - Take Action

  • Seek shade (outside) or air conditioning (inside)

  • Drink fluids (water is ideal)

  • Wear lightweight and loose clothing 

  • Rest

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Extreme Flooding

Flooding over a street

Turn around, don’t drown!®

The ProblemKnow the Signs

  • Flooded roadways and walkways

  • Extreme rain and/or swift moving water

  • Becoming stranded or trapped

  • Drowning/being swept away

The SolutionTake Action

  • Don’t drive or walk through a flooded area or standing water
  • Pay attention to the Weather Service and alerts
  • Follow evacuation route signs or move to higher ground
  • Don’t enter swift moving water

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Extreme Winds

Trees in high winds

High Winds Spell Danger!

The Problem  Know the Signs

  • See/hear wind gusts

  • Trees swaying

  • Sheets of rain/snow

  • Thunder and lightning

The Solution  Take Action

  • Seek shelter inside

  • Don’t go outside

  • Avoid downed wires

  • Stay away from trees (limbs may fall!)

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